Office Hygiene Clean

Is your computer / laptop screen and keyboard full of dust and splashes? Has your colleague recently had a terrible bout of flu whilst sharing your desk? Then you may be interested in one of our specialist services, the 'office hygiene clean'. spotless Commercial Cleaning can complete a full hygiene clean and make sure your work space and equipment is fully sanitized. We use specialised chemicals (again all of which are echo friendly) and equipment to carry out this clean, ensuring nothing is damaged but completely germ free.

There are different levels of an 'office hygiene clean' varying from just your basic computer screen, keyboard, mouse, tower and phone to all communal aspects, such as light switches, door handles etc. It is purely up to the extent of your clean, and as with all of our services we will provide a free, no obligation quotation.

We can complete this out of hours at a time that best suits your business needs. You can book a 'one off' hygiene clean, or can plan them in annually, six-monthly, quarterly or ad hoc, just contact the office at least two weeks prior to wanting the clean completed and we can make the necessary arrangements.